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Did you know that many states have curriculum requirements for humane and character education? This education involves teaching children to understand, care about, and act on core ethical values such as respect, justice, and responsibility for self and others.

Teaching kindness to animals is a natural component of these efforts. Developing empathy towards animals can be a key step in developing empathy for and rejecting violence against all beings, including humans. With bullying and youth violence rampant in schools today, it is essential to teach compassion and encourage kindness in your students.



Charlie's Acres' Virtual Class Pet Program includes:

- An adoption certificate, photos, and information about your new class pet.

- Four 30 minute video calls with an animal caregiver and your class pet. These can be scheduled throughout the year, semester, or shorter unit, depending on your class’s needs. These calls will focus on humane education lessons that help students put themselves in an animal’s “shoes” and consider their feelings.

View our Virtual Class Pet Program curriculum.

This program is available to teachers on a sliding scale. 50 classes may sign up at no cost. Donations are always greatly appreciated, when able, in order to continue offering this program to as many students as possible.

Ask a parent or donor to sponsor your class by sending them this link!