If the rescued animal residents of Charlie's Acres have inspired your team, consider supporting our sanctuary further with a corporate sponsorship.


Our farm sponsors receive special acknowledgment for their generous donations with their name and message displayed for all visitors to see. This is a great opportunity for companies, foundations, clubs, or individuals to demonstrate their charitable work or to memorialize a loved one.

Contact us at if you're interested in becoming a sponsor.

Annual Sponsorships:
$100,000 - Education Center Sponsor
$75,000 - Receiving Barn Sponsor
$50,000 - Big Goat Barn Sponsor
$40,000 - Big Cow Barn Sponsor
$30,000 - Horse Barn Sponsor
$25,000 - Small Goat/Sheep Barn Sponsor
$20,000 - Farm Pig Barn Sponsor
$15,000 - Small Cow Barn Sponsor
$10,000 - Potbelly Pig Barn Sponsor
$5,000 - Garden Sponsor
$2,000 - Bird Coop Sponsor

One Time Donations:
$5,000 - Viewing Bench Sponsor
$1,000 - Education Center Brick Sponsor