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Click here to download a lesson on chickens which meets the California Department of Education 3-LS1-1 standard. This includes information about chicken classification, ancestry, vocabulary, shelter, diet, senses, communication, and embryo development.


Learning Objectives:

Students will learn about the roles chickens play in their group that help them survive more successfully. Students will be able to identify each stage of a chicken's life cycle and the characteristics specific to that stage. With the accompanying activities, students will create models of this life cycle to demonstrate their knowledge.


Find activities to accompany these lesson plans below.


Read the following stories about the rescued animal residents of Charlie's Acres and answer the questions below.

- How did Brewster injure his leg?

- How do you think the kind neighbor helped Brewster recover?

- Why might some people say that Davey and Mulligan are lucky?

- Why did Bernard's family find him a new home?

- Why is it sometimes difficult for roosters to find new homes?

- Why were the leghorn girls unhealthy when they first arrived at the sanctuary?

- Who does Brewster live with?