Charlie’s Acres’ founder Tracy Vogt has been an animal lover her whole life. She grew up volunteering at local animal shelters and rescuing dogs and cats, including a very special chihuahua, for whom the sanctuary is named. Originally from an agricultural community, Tracy was introduced to farmed animals at an early age. Over time, she realized how underrepresented they are, even in the rescue world. Tracy sought to create a place where she could not only provide a second chance and a forever home for animals who may have ended up on the dinner plate, but also a place where people could meet these incredible animals, hear their stories, and make a connection with them.

The Vogt family was able to purchase and donate the property in 2016, as well as initial construction and operating costs to start this sanctuary. Charlie’s Acres is a 501c3 non-profit and relies on donations from the public in order to sustain this sanctuary into the future.